"...a high-tech presentational scene worthy of Bond himself. The kinetic atmosphere was enhanced with moving lights, cylindrical chandeliers, and a backlit orange glowing 'synergy tank.' "

  • Texas Instruments 2007 American Sales Conference
  • Paragon Productions Inc
"Thank you for the great job you did on both Roche and Lotus. Both clients are very happy with the resultss of those projects, and we appreciate the hard work and talent you put into them."
"I missed the opportunity to tell you what a faboulous job you did. It clearly wasn't the easiest... but you pulled it off flawlessly. Most importantly, to me, was your work ethic and ease to work with."
  • WIT
  • Carribeaner
"Thank you for another great job! You are always a joy to work with and make my life immensely easier."
"Thank you for doing a great job on the Brinker International Managers Meeting in Maui. Through all the long hours & hard work you remained the consummate professional."
  • LauraT2
  • AintMis2
"The spots and the triple-phalanx of scaffoldings filled with the big red, blue and orange light-filled "cans", are designer Pamela Mara's contribution to the revival's provocative new look."
Carbonnel Award Winners: Best Lighting Design: Pamela A. Mara
  • Carbonnel2